Cricket in Pakistan : A Dying Spirit???

Cricket throughout the history of Pakistan has been more than just a game. It’s a spirit it’s a dream and above all a passion. It’s a flame in the hearts of the people of Pakistan that has never extinguished to this very day. The people of Pakistan admire the game with their hearts and the players are like the heroes of the nation. In a very short time Pakistan had made big achievements in the game and that speaks volumes on what it means to them.

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Pakistan always received accolades in Cricket

In every street we find youngsters pouring their heart out and playing cricket under any conditions whatsoever. They may have an exam the other day, there may be extreme weather conditions outside or they would rather be just exhausted but would never turn down a friendly match of cricket with their friends. If there’s an important match of Pakistan going on we can observe the whole country just glued to their Television sets watching every moment of it thoroughly and making comments on every ball bowled and every shot played and every catch dropped. Words may not be enough to express what Cricket means to the nation of Pakistan.

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Pakistan has received accolades in the world of Cricket and have always risen up to the occasion. Pakistan is best known for producing lethal fast bowlers that could just take your head off! The batsmen in the Pakistani team can also handle themselves pretty well. In every aspect of the game Pakistan has made a name for themselves until recently.

Unfortunately, over the past few months we can see the standard of Pakistani cricket going down the drain. Our performance on the pitch portrays a fatal condition. The inexperience bowlers have failing to bound the batsmen. The batsmen are being pushed inside their shells by the bowlers from all around the globe. We’re failing to take simple catches and make the easiest runs. Doesn’t matter if we win the toss or not the audience is now only expecting to lose the match from the Pakistani side. The players seem to be in a disgusting fitness situation. They lack the stamina and the agility that a sportsmen of this game requires to have.

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Pakistan once again hosting Sri Lanka

Due to these reasons the nation is facing humiliation to great extents. This is breaking the faith of the people of Pakistan. PCB needs to look into this matter seriously and take the extreme measures that are needed under these extreme circumstances. They need to save this dying spirit of cricket in Pakistan and uplift the emotions of the fans and take Pakistani cricket the place that it once used to be. Pakistani Cricket needs to live again!

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As the cricket is home now, once again Pakistan is hosting Sri Lanka, a team which were directly attacked by the terrorists in the year 2009. The Sri Lankan players and reserve umpire suffered greatly due to injuries but the immense loss and excessive lament was suffered by the nation of Pakistan, the great cricketing nation deprived of cricket and its stadiums remained noiselessness for almost a decade.

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The first test match in Rawalpindi, neither Pakistan nor Sri Lanka played well enough to secure a win and both teams resort to a draw. Teams are now in Karachi and busy in pre-match practices. Mickey Arthur said “Pakistan holds a very special place in my heart. The boys have been outstanding and I am in contact with a lot of them. We always talk and always have some banter. I am happy to be back in Pakistan.”

After the test matches next year Pakistan will host a complete PSL season. This could potentially open the gateway towards more international teams to play inside the country and home team would once again taste its home turf after long. The nation along with cricket board is hopeful for a positive and determined revival of cricket in the country.

Author: Zarak Khan

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