CR7 Series: The Magnificent Goat [Episode 1]

Juventus got a star no, a goat

Juventus has been having it good ever since the star Cristiano Ronaldo joined their side. Surely a strong and beneficial decision it turned out to be. This is solely because of how this person is. He has proved on to beat machines and proved to us that machines are not the only beings that have consistently.

Cristiano Ronaldo has also proved that humans can also not only have consistency but with it the passion, the enthusiasm and the art that one person alone can create. This is exactly what this miracle athlete has done throughout his career.

Ronaldo hat trick cr7 new

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He’s been creating art and now has the world in the reach of his palm. This speaks volumes over what caliber this person brings into the sport. He’s not only been performing spectacularly but been also setting the bar very high for future football players to come. Not only the ones coming in the future but also the ones currently engaged in the sport. It’s like this guy has no limits.

Another example he just recently set is against the opponent team AC Milan where he was the only player that scored in the first leg at the Allianz football ground where AC Milan were about to go for the victory celebration unfortunately at the 90th minute their defender committed a foul as to which Juventus was rewarded a penalty.

Penalty was Of course granted to Cristiano Ronaldo where he scored a whopping goal and turned the tables on the result from 1-0 to 1-1. The foul was also done against the star player himself where he was attempting to score a juicy goal with the aid of an artistic bicycle kick!

This proves to go on that no chains are meant to hold this person. He will prey on you as fiercely as a lion and cut in you pieces on the green grass. Cristiano will always be there at the top of his game hungry for success. There is no time of where we can say that fans are now starting to get bored. He will always stay in the spotlight just like he is now and fans are fired up for the next leg against AC Milan and expectations have reached to the seventh sky just like always.

He is eyeing another Ballon d’or

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