Coronavirus: Russian YouTube Prankster Faces 5 Years in Prison

Pranksters and pranks

are the two most common and annoying things present in this world to irritate innocent people around. If I am not wrong many pranksters in Pakistan have lost their valuables while filming their pranks some got beaten by the others and even few have lost their lives.

This pranking others thing, whether fake or genuine must not come at the cost of others’ misery or sacrifice. Pranking is fun but only to the extent of fun with limits and controlled environment but when it gets out of control then disaster happen.

Something similar happened in Russia with a famous YouTuber name Karomat Dzhaborov, [leave it it’s a Russian name I can’t pronounce it so don’t try just read the blog]. Dzhaborov is a young YouTube prankster just like some of ours [I don’t want to name them]. This famous young prankster is now facing a sentence in jail for up to 5 years because of his sick prank in the Moscow underground.

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Actually, more often media, YouTubers, Pranksters and God knows who else always cash on the ideas and issues circling in current affairs likewise something happened in Moscow Russia. Everyone till date is now aware about the Coronavirus and devastation it had already caused in many countries resulted in deaths of thousands of people specifically in China.

This YouTuber thought it would be a good idea to have a prank with people traveling in Moscow underground where in a video a young prankster in black hoody covered with a face mask was walking inside the subway car suddenly collapsing on the floor and began to shake in distress. Upon seeing someone falling like this many come forward to help but then quickly fled away from the person on the ground while shouting “Coronavirus! Coronavirus!”

This brutal act of laughter [I guess] had a shocking effect on other passengers and they began to run out of the subway car as the train approached its station. This has created a grave risk of a stampede and injury. This entire act was of course be filmed on camera turned out be a prank, staged by blogger Karomat Dzhaborov and his friends.

According to the news outlet of Russia (RT) the YouTuber handed himself to the authorities after being informed about the charges placed upon him. Lawyer of the blogger and YouTuber claimed “The aim was to attract public attention to the lack of face masks; to the problem of the coronavirus and the need for people to protect themselves with masks”.

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Al Jazeera

Moreover, Department of Internal Affairs in Russia started a criminal proceeding of hooliganism against the involved under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Cheryomushkinsky [again Russian don’t try to pronounce] court of Russian capital Moscow has ordered 30 days of detention for the prankster. Two of his friends were also detained by the police this Monday. They have been placed under travel restrictions while their computers and smartphones were seized as evidence. In view of the consequences of this sick prank the blogger is likely to face a maximum punishment of 5 years in prison and a fine of 500,000 rubles equal to £6,000.

At moment of writing this blog not a single case of local Coronavirus affected person reported in Russia, the two cases which were reported earlier in the month were Chinese traveling from China to Russia which are now ready to be dispatch from hospital according to the local sources.

My opinion, be careful while filming pranks and my advice is, fake them. It is better to film a fake one than something like this which could cause damage to you or around you.

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