Coronavirus: Indonesian ‘ghosts’ patrols to keep people at homes

Pocong; a pocong, also known as shroud ghost

You and I, are both afraid of ghosts and myths that bring up supernatural powers like demons and glimmers. Well, I am not sure but I might not be able to stand a chance against any of the paranormal entity if come across in my life.

Let me tell you this, what if you encounter a real ghost on your way out in lock down situation? As the famous saying goes ‘you either die of Corona or you live long enough to meet a ghost’. (it is a spin off version btw).

Something similar occurred in a village of Indonesia where the spread of Coronavirus has already frightened the dwellers but still they don’t want to stay inside their homes or at places of safety.

I think this is the case with all of us, right? We also don’t want to stay at home rather we want to roam freely without the fear of virus which in turn risks our lives.

coronavirus ghost village indonesia


A village in Indonesia has become spooky by the presence of spirits recently, these spirits can be seen through naked eyes dressed as white cloaks from head to toe and surprise dwellers at night and then disappear in front of the people who put their feet outside.

Kaboh is the village in Indonesian where these ghosts have been witnessed patrolling the streets after the dark. The authorities on the other hand hoping that these spirits and ghosts will come handy in keeping the people in their homes to avoid spread of the Novel COVID 19.

As per the village youth team leader (this team has coordinated with local police to accomplish this); “We wanted to be different and make a deterrent effect because Pocong is frightening and terrifying,”

Pocong; a pocong, also known as shroud ghost, is an Indonesian and Malaysian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in its shroud. Village youth team presented their members to become Pocong and frighten villagers who come out of their houses after the lock down hours. They are completely worn with white and face is pale all thanks to the white powder.

Sometimes the initiative was counterproductive as some people left their houses just to see this rare phantom of ghosts, so organizers changed their way and Pocong patrol suddenly took place.

coronavirus ghost village indonesia india

Indian Police using virus look a like helmets – BBC

The choudary of village or in English as you can say the leader of the village told “The residents still lack awareness of the ways to curb the spread of Covid-19 … They want to practice their life affairs as usual and thus it is difficult for them to obey orders to stay at home”.

And recently it seemed that the “supernatural” strategy was successful in producing expected results, according to Reuters, as residents ran in panic and got to their houses when seeing ghosts.

“Since the beginning of Pocong, parents and children have not left their homes … and people do not gather or stay on the streets after the evening prayer,” said one resident.

In this way we can conclude that we also want some paranormal or supernatural powers to keep us at our homes and safe places.

In Indonesian folklore, ghostly figures known as “pocong” are said to represent the trapped souls of the dead.

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