Coronavirus, China and the World: ‘Who is the real sick man’?


Ever since the outbreak of this deadly Coronavirus it seems like the world has slowed down a bit and lost its rapid movement somewhere in the midst of epidemic. This Novel Coronavirus first affected the cities of China and then it spread into this whole world. We have to appreciate the Chinese authorities here which had immediately took action and locked up its own cities to contain the outburst.

Since the beginning of this year the world is facing tremendous challenges which are to some extent are unprecedented. First the world was in grave dangers of WWIII and now this Coronavirus besides so many other catastrophes. However, today the point need to discuss and ponder upon is not the calamities but the reaction and behavior of the world on those blows.

making fun of virus coronavirus


First, this brutal world of unattended and independent social media made fun of WWIII (World War III) where billions of innocent lives and the whole planet put in grave threat if it could have broken out. Internet Memes, jokes over social media and what not, made to have entertainment on a great danger like World War.

Now, on a daily basis people enjoy, laugh and get amuse by reading, watching and sharing the “Memes“ and enjoyable media over Coronavirus. The world didn’t stop here. Many famous news outlets and popular media papers have joined together to make this contagious disease an issue of regional joke and racism. Yes racism!

On this issue of racism and discrimination I have been through to an article which have highlighted this issue where world specifically the western world was trying to portray this problem as the trouble linked only with a single country and its specifics.

Who is the real sick man?

Let’s go through some details from media outlets around the world to have an idea about who is the real sick man here. Ironically, the discriminators were some famous media outlets that bragged “equivalence” and “no discrimination” as their values.

making fun of chinese nationalflag

Business Insider

1. A German magazine Der Spiegel published on its website in an article “A little racism is no problem”, eating bat soups, biting snakes on the head, and bathing in rat blood” blamed Chinese and Asians for this.
2. A cartoon published in a Danish newspaper where the stars on Chinese flag replaced with pictogram of the virus.
3. In France a publication highlighted with words such as ‘Yellow Alert’.
4. US media outlet Wall Street Journal published another article with the headline “China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia” saying that “Its (China’s) financial market may be even more dangerous than its wildlife markets.”
5. Hindustan Times, New Strait Times, and Herald Sun all used “China virus” or “Chinese virus” in their headlines. Even invented a word “pandamonium” that links the virus with panda.

All these in the name of freedom of expression but at what cost? At the cost of region, race, ethnicity or sometimes religion as in the case of Muslims who often face this kind of terrorism when the western terrorist speak, write and portray ill against the holly personalities of Islam.

The question is where are our values? Are we really able to call ourselves humans and civilized where we tend to make fun out of almost everything. This unlimited uncontrolled freedom of expression has made us impervious enough that we take every other thing such casually and carelessly and do not put the sentiments of others before our expressions.

coronavirus is the world over reacting

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I am questioning here the values this whole world has lost. If you aren’t suffering that doesn’t mean you can have fun on others’ misery.

The very article written after reading and watching the views shared by a news host on CGTN (China Global Television Network). You can also watch the video by clicking this line.

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