Clifton Beach Hazardous Waste Shaniera Akram and Section 144

As for the cleanup operation at Clifton Beach aka Sea-view Karachi, the City Government Karachi has imposed Section 144 to lock down the beach and kick off the efforts in order to get rid of bio-hazard waste currently present at the local beach.

This heaps of garbage was a result of heavy down pour in Karachi which is continuous since last month. Piles of waste contains all sorts of garbage specially the medical waste which is contaminated and washed up on the shore as a result of worst sewerage maintenance at Sea-view Clifton, Karachi.

sea view garbage

Previously at the moment, wife of former star Pakistani Cricket Captain Shaniera Akram, took to Twitter and shared the images from the beach to force the authorities for the clean-up process in area.

“There is kilometers of medical waste including hundreds of open needle syringes, among other things, that has come in from the ocean. Clifton beach, at this moment, is extremely dangerous,” she said.

After Shaniera, many national television channels have broadcasted the developing critical situation at Clifton Beach where authorities have already tried to put large visible trash bins to educate masses to use those bins but all in vain.

She further said

“I have walked on Clifton beach every day for the last four years and I have never been scared until today. This beach needs to be shut down now”

The unfortunate city is already in the midst of anguish where different parties are claiming to clean the city but not visible on the grounds. Continuous rain also made the circumstances worse for the dwellers of this metropolitan city.

We hope that governments federal and provincial will come up with a conclusive plans as this city earns more than 40% of the revenues as compared to whole cities of the country.

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