Christchurch Terrorist Asked Bone Chilling Questions To Police About His Kill Score

You most probably remember him from the Christchurch Mosque massacre. Where he killed more than 50 Muslims who were performing prayers on a peaceful day.

Brenton Tarrant, yes this is the name of the brutal killer who is just 28 years of age, had murdered several innocent souls without being shaken or stop for a single second and that too streamed live over social media.

In a recent court appearance Brenton has asked a bone chilling question to the police which will definitely demonstrate the terrorist in him.

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Daily Mail

As per the Daily Mail report

He repeatedly asked officers ‘how many did I kill?’ and ‘how many did it get’, The Australian reported.

The questions asked by the Tarrant will form part of the prosecution case against him and police officers did not answer the questions. This tyrant and cruel killer is waiting for a trial for the murder of more than 50 Muslims who were in the state of prayers at the time of attack back in the month of March.

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Daily Mail

Daily MailThe New Zealand’s Prime Minister termed the attack as the worst mass shooting in New Zealand’s modern history.
The white terrorist has denied the charges of murder. This will be one complex case in the contemporary history of New Zealand as some legal experts claim it to be the first charge against Tarrant as one of its kind.

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The Spinoff

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has ordered top level inquiry for the murder and terrorist attack on Christchurch Mosque back in March where she also said a royal commission would also examine whether police and intelligence agencies could have done to prevent such an incident from being executed.

Muslims around the world are now facing really tough times also in the developed and modern countries like, USA, UK and other western countries. So many incidents goes unreported and no one talks about those issues.

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The New Daily

Brenton was also inspired by the motives of isolation and fundamentalism prevailing in the deep roots of white supremacy which led to the incident on March 15. In the footage he can be seen clearly changing weapons from one to another freely without the hesitation of any kind.

christ church massacre people

Daily Mail

In the same footage a person (Muslim) at the Mosque entrance can be seen welcoming Tarrant with open arms and then he opened fire on him. Another person from the Mosque tried to capture the terrorist but due to several shots he was not able to grab him.

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