Biryani Sales Upsurged in New Delhi after Elections

Biryani is considered to be the national cuisine of Karachiites

To your surprise biryani is also a popular food in India. Where, according to a local news outlet “The Economic Times” New Delhi witnessed an upsurge in sales of biryani right after the elections. In those elections AAP won a landslide victory against the hindu nationalist party BJP.

According to the news outlet social media swamped with posts of citizens of New Delhi and India announcing celebrations of AAP party with biryani. Now, the question is how this has happened and to answer this look at the statements of BJP leaders who accused AAP leaders involved in serving biryani, yes the biryani to the protesters sat at Shaheen Bagh against the controversial ethnic and religious anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

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Raymond Andrews an owner of a biryani chain in Delhi while speaking to The Economic Times said, “We have seen a higher uptake on our orders. Biryani as a cuisine is celebratory by nature, be it a birthday, an anniversary or friends celebrating”.

Another restaurant owner in New Delhi Vishal Jindal said, they witnessed a spontaneous up rise in sales despite being a Tuesday, further claiming that, many Indians abstain from having a non-vegetarian diet on Tuesdays for their religious motives.

biryani eating people in a protest

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This event escalated the honor of prestigious food the B I R Y A N I to another level. As a food lover I, myself love to eat biryani no matter the day it is of the week.

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