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Far From Home is the last installment of the 3rd phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Previously MCU fans and particularly the groupie attached to Robert Downy Junior remained in tremor after the graceful sacrifice of their beloved superhero. Ironman in Endgame not only accepted the fate but also saved the whole universe and avenged the fallen heroes some of whom we missed a lot.

Spiderman Far From Home Critical Review

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Nonetheless, in the aftermath of Endgame, the Spider-Man Far From Home is the talk of the town among the Marvel fans which is definitely worth the hype. Peter (Tom Holland) assumed his normal human responsibilities after the death of his guardian and hero father Tony Stark. Don’t forget he is also an avenger made none other than the Ironman himself in Infinity War.

The Movie Is All About;

Far From Home showed the post Endgame saga where people were once again looked calm and composed to any topical danger and fans can see that the people were dwelling their usual lives at their fullest.

Now, the debate begins from the question that who will be the next throne keeper of Marvel as was the Ironman in the thoughts of many?

From the movie fans can undertake that the Spiderman will probably be the next torchbearer to take it further but the question remains that is Tom Holland worth the charisma and wittiness of our Tony Stark aka Ironman simultaneously is the 20-year-old young lad ready to replace such blast of countless traits or what it would take him to be the next Ironman the time will tell.

Peter Parker was surely relishing his trip with the school colleagues when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) showed up and he has a mission for the hero. The mission is to fight the Elementals wherein beginning Peter resisted the idea of quarrel and tried to put any other avenger on the task. Hesitantly he accepted once again and put up the new suit to save the world.

In addition, the introduction of Mysterio was also impressive as the second arm to Spiderman who was clearly not enough to be the main crusher of these giant villains.

As the first installment of MCU’s Spider-Man the second installment was also full of turns and twists as promised by Director Jon Watts. He said in an interview that the Far From Home fell bigger in scope as compared to the Homecoming not because it has Elementals the size of the buildings but the climax and post-credits are also full of surprises. Especially people remained astounded as the Mysterio died due to his own carelessness. It is the MCU’s trend of using realistic CGIs, stunning VFX, and cinematography that makes the audiences embedded to their seats.

How Our Favorite Actors Performed:

To some extent, Tom Holland’s performance was self-questioning as he can be seen nervous in the footsteps of great heroes but Holland has similarly presented a marvelous and courageous portrayal of skills required to be a star which makes the question more interesting.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was also striking. In my opinion, no other than the finest Gyllenhaal could have performed the Mysterio full of vigor and captivation and yes not forget the famous antagonist performance also played as natural by Jake Gyllenhaal who has made debuted remarkably. His performance was convincing as he is also a great actor.

Critical Verdict:

All in all, it is the convincing end of MCUs 3rd phase with some great performances from both Tom and Jake along with Zendaya and others. Wonderful and deep! The best Spiderman movie so far. They have given their best to keep the house full for MCU and in some sort, they have successfully achieved their objective. Good and surprising moments make it worth watching.

The movie is trending on 90% at Rotten Tomatoes, 7.9/10 on IMDB and 69% at Metacritic. 95% of Google users have liked the movie which is a better result than the Homecoming as anticipated by the directors.

My take for the movie is 3.5 out of a total of 5.

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