Best Workers Quit Because of Unhealthy Workplace Politics

Office workers cannot avoid office politics ab initio. It belongs to workplace. In general workplace politics is not so healthy and sometimes become a headache for workers don’t want to be the part of.

This is a fact of corporate or non – corporate office life. You may have undesirable feelings about it. You may think that you can get away without being the center of it. Dealing with it can be surely nerve-wracking, if you feel like a target.

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The Standard


• Workers wishful to be in the limelight effortlessly without doing anything demanding or worthy.
• Politics begins when unwanted employees try to achieve something without the authority and control in a blink of an eye.
• Ignorant and Arrogant supervisors are also a key players in office politics.
• Grouping irrespective of office work and loads of gossip at work lead to politics.
• Jealous colleagues might tend to be your friend but sometimes they play a key role behind your backs.
• Concealment of relevant information in order to maintain control.
• Spreading rumors about the one who mind his / her own business to damage the reputation.
• Favoritism and nepotism.
• Micromanagement and excessive control.
• Hiring on favoritism and paying more than the rest tier and not promoting strong performers so as not endanger own position.

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• It is easy to lose control and feel provocative. However, it is important that you keep your calm and professional behavior then react with tactical approach to the situation.
• The corporate offices are like modern jungle, here winning requires you to consciously choose your reactions to the situation. Recognize that no matter how bad the circumstances, you have a choice in choosing how you feel and react.
• Try to put your focus on the matters that you can do to impact the circumstances and your circle of influence.
• Focus more on the mutual business aims and don’t take side with any of the aggrieved party. Even if you have personal preferences. Try to convince both to have an open communication to vent out the hot air among them, so that no one can claim “I didn’t say that”.
• People don’t forget when they were humiliated or insulted especially in front of anyone. Don’t get personal even if the person before you do the same.

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How to build a healthy environment

• Make an environment where colleagues can share ideas openly and digest others without feeling anything against themselves.
• Trust is a major factor used by the seniors and co-workers to establish a healthy work environment.
• Open, fair, friendly and honest leadership remains successful in making and maintaining a healthy work relationship and sometime it carry outside of workplace too.
• Loyalty, talent and hard-work are appreciated and recognized.
• Workers should be promoted and rewarded on the basis of their accomplishments, not political favors.

“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It is as simple as that.” Richard Branson

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