Best Pizza in Karachi for Lunch with Colleagues

It’s been long since my colleagues and I had pizza for lunch in the midst of heavy office work load. So we decided to order some wholesome and delicious pizza to encounter our exploding hunger and satisfy our taste buds.

In Karachi, it is a complicated task to choose between the variety of best pizza restaurants as almost all the famous pizza joints offer good taste and quality alongside affordable prices and attractive deals.

Among so many delicious and yummy choices, we chose to order pizza from one of the best, 14th Street Pizza. Actually we decided to avail some discounted deals via an application because pizza plus discounted deals! What else you need!

It was not so easy to decide the flavors of pizza as we were a group of five colleagues and everyone wanted to have his choice of pizza. So finally after a cabinet meeting (Lols) we decided to order Pakistani cliché flavors which are as you all know better than I, Tikka and Fajita. Lols again as this was the only solution to every undecided flavor.

You guys will be amazed to read this; that both the flavors were so scrumptious and cheesy that we couldn’t resist and enjoyed the cheese and chicken porn.

Taste: 8/10
Quality: 8/10
Quantity: 7/10
Price: 10/10

Have your say and share your experience of this odd kind if you had in the comments below.

best pizza in town

PC: Ramsha Shahid

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