Australian Bushfires: Humanity at crossroads

It’s been months now since the Australia is ravaging from these bushfires

Unfortunately the start of 2020 for Australia was not a good one to brag about anymore as the world level catastrophe has engulfed the continent more or less entirely. At this moment of the year the country is facing a national level crisis which might not end up well for not only Australia but also for the whole world.

The news outlets have termed it as the worst bushfires of the Australian history.

Andrew Crisp, the Victorian Emergency Commissioner said that, Australia is going through a hazardous and vigorous fire situation and still it has to face 3 months of warm and hot weather which is yet to come.

I know like me, many of us have a question in our thoughts, how these bushfires start? Right?

There are two main causes of bushfires; 1. Human – made 2. Natural – made. In the latter the main reasons to cause bushfires are lightning strikes during a steeply warm and hot weather which could start a bushfire. In the formal cause the reasons are associated with human activities such as shorts in overhead power lines which creates flames and fumes, agricultural cleaning which would uncontrollable sometimes, campfires, and more. In November, authorities have arrested a man for allegedly flaming bushes around his own marijuana plants, this act of his has destroyed more than 13,000 acres of land.

bush fires australia how it starts natural

Devastation around

It has been reported that since the beginning of 2019-2020 fires in September 2019 more than six Australian states are being engulfed in it. More than 25 humans have lost their lives this figure includes 3 firefighters. More than 1,525 homes were destroyed. Yet the most lamented and distressing news is that more than 500,000,000 (500 million / 50 crores) wildlife are estimated to have died and some species are on the brink of extinction moreover, this figure doesn’t includes the insects and frogs.

bush fires australia burnt baby kangaroo natural pak spirit


This is so heartbreaking that the because of humans these innocents and unspeakable (in our languages) living beings suffering. At least, to me it is due to us humans. You can name climate change the reason for it but who is responsible for this climate change we humans are and we will be responsible what will happen to this beautiful planet.

Let me tell you another one; innocent and harmless animal Koalas being labelled as functional extinct species. According to National Geographic (“Functionally extinct” refers to when a species no longer has enough individual members to produce future generations or play a role in the ecosystem).

bush fires australia burnt koala natural pak spirit


Let us pray for the poor souls who can’t speak or outrun the overwhelming fires around them may God have mercy on humans, animals and all around the earth because we have already destroyed this planet so much how can we rebuild it we don’t know just have mercy on us. Amen

bush fires australia how it starts natural pak spirit


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