Anime Characters in Pakistani Cinemas!! Well Soon Yes

Anime In Pakistani Cinemas?

Pakistan since the past few years has been under a huge net of black clouds that surround the lives of the people that live here. Inflation has now reached to it peaks and is expected to still rise. Nevertheless the nation of Pakistan was build upon sweat, blood and true sacrifice. The passion that was involved in the making of this beautiful nation is still alive and people still find new ways to produce light and spread happiness all around.

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PSL is just around the corner and everybody will forget all their sorrows and glue themselves to their TV screens and enjoy each and every moment of the tournament. Likewise another good news has brought hope and sheer happiness to the lives of the youth of Pakistan. Cinepax Cinemas recently had a poll on Facebook where they asked if they should screen the anime movie “Weathering with you” or not. Ground shaking news for the anime fans out there who are used to watching Animes at home on their laptops or smartphones will now get the golden chance to watch it on the big screen. That too the most anticipated anime film of Japan of the year 2019.

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For all those who are wondering what Animes are? They’re Japanese cartoons with brilliant graphics and astounding stories. They probably have more genres than movies have. People who are anime fans have become addicted to these cartoons because either they relate to their life more than anything else, or has an amazing plot with amazing animation or it’s just so cool that you can’t help yourself. Some famous Animes includes One Piece, Bleach, Fairy-Tale, Seven Deadly Sins etc etc.

The votes are in favour of screening the movie and hopefully we won’t have to wait long for it. Anime lovers are jolted by this astounding news and is definitely a big leap for Pakistani Cinemas and will definitely prove beneficial for them. Such new and brilliant ideas will always be appreciated.

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