All men are not the same! In the eyes of beholder

Men do care for others

Cases of harassment against women and alike are rising in numbers as time progresses onward. As tools for awareness are increasing we are becoming witness of more such barbaric incidents. A sad reality we live in. This leads to further insecurity in our society and a reason for rebellion of women and disgust from the patriarchy.

Recently a similar incident occurred just outside Silver Jubilee gate of University of Karachi. Where some female students who use public transport on daily basis as a mean to travel back to their homes were harassed by random rickshaw drivers outside the gate of the university. Similarly girls were made a target of street crimes on the crossover pedestrian bridge and girls were not remain safe even to travel by walk. Reportedly, many girls asked the authorities for help in such matters and even called their helpline several times for the very purposes. They told that when they registered their complaints the call attendant would laugh back at them and deny of such atrocities. Truly a sorrowful remark by the law providers which would make the victim feel helpless and vulnerable.

ku incident thanking girl

One of the girls took the initiative and secretly recorded a rickshaw driver actually masturbating out in open public. She posted this video on a confession page of the University. This video was then shared by a boy in the group over FB with the name “Soul Brothers Pakistan” where boys from all over Pakistan are added. When this came into the attention of the boys in the group they were infuriated by the actions of the rickshaw drivers.

Many of the boys contacted each other and planned on teaching these shameless bastards a lesson that they will never forget. Timings and place were discussed and a huge group arrived at the destination and caught the rickshaw driver red handed and dealt with him as they deemed right. The rickshaw driver was beaten down into smithereens and at last asked for mercy and begged that he be forgiven and that he will never be seen there again.

Therefore this is a loud and clear message to all the women around the world that all men are not the same! There are numerous guys that are raised by good parents and respect women above their own selves and look at each woman as a daughter, sister or mother and give them the respect that they are due. Not all of us are cannibals inside. Therefore just because of a few black sheep all of us should not be judged or grouped into a particular category. Time is changing and the tides are getting bigger and washing away the dirt. The male gender is emerging stronger and this is a pat on the back of all the men around the world to be strong as God has made you and keep protecting the weak!

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