Alita Movie Review & Tilly’s Miracle – Open Bionics

If you have not watched it yet then relax the article covers no to slight spoilers only. As we focus on two diverse aspect of this movie. One the movie and the other is bionics used and its promotion throughout the campaign.

Alita: Battle Angel taken an extensive period in making well (twenty years) yes, it took two decades to make this epic emotional and action thriller, however; the outcome is eccentric enough to keep you waiting for the sequel. Well, I need a sequel because there’s some unfinished business in my opinion left for the audiences either to wait for the second part or guess at their own.

The movie starts its journey in the farthest future from the contemporary world, in Iron city – a garbage dump that is a wasteland for the hovering fortress of Zalem. The dwellers of the city is coupled with AI controlled cyborgs socializing with real humans in a free society so sophisticated that it’s tough to crack the difference from one another. Kind hearten Doctor Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) reconfigured a former half human half robot super weapon and named her Alita (Rosa Salazar), after his own daughter who have died in an incident.

Alita battle angle sword

Ido, who was also a secret hunter-warrior, tries to protect the young Alita, but her human brain has memories of past that helps her remember the past and she eventually ends up becoming the super weapon she once was. In the midst of the movie she even develops a crush on handsome robo – junk dealer Hugo (Keean Johnson).

The movie from here is a slight chaotic and mixed with emotions, distrust, love, hate and greed fascinated as it is in creating set-piece thrills and out of this world experiences. Cliché characters and category tropes make the engagement more than astounding. The IMAX imagery is marvelous and captivating and the intense expressions of the actors make it feel all the more real and personally practical.

Tilly lockey bionic girl

In video message by James Cameron introduced us to Tilly Lockey, she is a British amputee known for her bionic arms developed by Open Bionics, which she has used since 2016. Lockey contracted “meningococcal septicaemia” a rare disease as a baby in 2007, at the age of 15-months. Despite her parents being told that she was likely to die, Lockey survived following a successful operation to have both arms and her toes amputated.

In 2019, Lockey received new custom arms designed by the team creating Alita: Battle Angel. Lockey now creates and shares make-up tutorials online.

As a child Tilly required prosthetic arms which are not cheap especially for children as they required to change as they grow up. As the children grow from baby to child to grown persons they required replacement to match their body as they get older.

So, in this Alita design team have decided to work with Open Bionics to build Tilly a pair of advanced prosthetic arms that are affordable. Cameron said; “it won’t just be Tilly that would benefit from their partnership with Open Bionics but it will reach out to all amputees”.

Tilly lockey open bionics

The public over the internet have different reactions towards this. As one reddit user said “Yeah, no joke it won’t be much longer before people start voluntarily amputating their healthy limbs to get these cool prosthetic upgrades. This time next decade: if you’re not a cyborg you’re just not part of the in-crowd!”. Another one have said, “I welcome the cyberpunk future we are going to have!”

What do you think about this the movie along with the campaign to bring change in the world of prosthetic limbs where the amputees can also be able to enjoy joys of this world just like the others. Have your say in the comment section below.

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