2020 New Year with Some Serious Ammunition

Happy New Year 2020

2019 is now in the past and so are all the achievements and big bangs of that year and the years before. We are now stepping into a new year that is 2020! Phewww Social Media has really hyped us up about these events. A few years ago the only time we’d be aware that we’re going to start a new year was only at the New Year’s Eve.

Not anymore! Social Media has now made the people more conscious about it than ever! 2020 has been looked forward to by many people from like a couple months now and they’ve been bragging about how they’re gonna do it differently this year around.

Well to be honest, with all the big news that would be revealed next you’re gonna start wishing that time could move faster cause there are many huge things about to happen this year and luckily you’re going to know about them right now!


Number 1: To all the Boys: P.S I still love you. Yes yes yes this is all what we lovebirds have been waiting anxiously for. The sequel to the amazing first instalment of the super hit novel “To all the boys I’ve loved before”. Hang on to your hearts and save all your tears cause the beautiful Lara Jean is coming to you on February 12, 2020 to steal your hearts away.

Number 2: Fast and Furious 9: The fastest and the most cunning street racers on the planet are going to hit the screens with another action filled, lightning fast vrooming this May 2020. I can’t wait to see what they have in stored for us this time!

Number 3: Mulan: After the success of Aladdin and The Lion King, Disney are nowhere near planning on putting the brakes on these blasts from the pasts but now are going to give us yet another nostalgic gift with the face of Mulan. In this age of feminism the Chinese female warrior will be fighting her way into our hearts.

P.S one more time don’t forget to watch Wonder Woman 1984, A Quite Place Part II, No Time to Die – Bond Series, Top Gun Maverick, Black Widow (with Tony’s cameo), and many more.

Number 4: Rare: Selena Gomez is all set to put you into rehab and heal your broken heart. She’ll make you feel special like you’ve never felt before with her new album “Rare”. You go girl!

Number 5: More Billie: The phenomenal young superstar Billie Eilish that ended 2019 with the Youngest Woman of the year awards on the Billboard’s roster has now got her eyes locked on to the Grammy’s. Will she win all six nominations? Let’s find out in the next 62nd annual Grammy awards.

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Gaming Consoles

Number 6: Battle of the Giants: The most successful gaming consoles are going to release their next editions to their legacies of Xbox and Playstation. Microsoft is going to release Xbox 2 and Playstation is going to come up with Playstation 5. All this mumbo jumbo is rising the temperature. I don’t think its global warming. It’s all this hot news.

x box 2020 new year brand

business insider

Mobile Phones

Number 7: Iphone 12: Apple has had a tough year even though it managed to release 3 versions of the Iphone 11. People did beat up Apple with accusations of the mobile phone being more costly than ever and not having any more unique features therefore the expectations with the next Iphone will be off the charts! Better live up to the standards Apple.

Number 8: Samsung Galaxy S20: Yes the S11 will now launch with a new and twisted name S20 to match the name with the current year the cell phone giant has plans to market the new article in the month of March 2020. People loved Galaxy series and the earlier launch of S10 along with variants have helped Samsung gained the market share.

Much more to come stay tuned with us as the words are getting out of hand. (Continued)

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