10 Harmful Effects of Watching Pornographic Material


Pornographic industry is a $97 billion industry worldwide. This economic value prevents Governments from taking legal action against this pornographic industry which directly promotes sexual misconduct, rape, incest, objectification of women and stuff that are so explicit to write. On the other hand, Porn industry is also related with human trafficking, narcotics, plastic surgery, child abuse and heinous stuff which a normal person can’t even imagine.

In 2015, a porn website reported that 4.4 billions hours of porn was watched on their site, which is 2.5 times longer than the humans have walked on earth. In 2018 alone, more than 5,517,000,000 hours of porn were consumed on the same site and the numbers are increasing each year. On the other hand pornographic industry promote prostitution around the world.

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Fight the new drug

10 Unrecoverable Affects

1. Mental health destroyed

Researchers argued that pornographic material has similar side effects on brain as other recreational drugs such as heroine, cocaine, meth, marijuana etc. Mental health destroyed.

2. You are a slave of your devil

Watching online pornographic material is even considered more dangerous since it has no barriers, easy accessibility and anonymity. You are a slave of your devil.

3. Destroy yourself! Don’t

Billions of obscene pornographic material is floating on the internet and can be accessed withing seconds and nobody is there to question you. Destroy yourself.

4. Now you are an addict

Through pornographic material you can do whatever you want, find whatever you like and flood your brain with intimate hormones. A perfect environment for an addiction to build up. Now you are an addict.

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Fight the new drug

5. You will hate it afterwards

This addiction of watching porn on more often basis tampers with natural disposition and degrades moral values. You will hate it afterwards.

6. Are you an ethical being?

Watching porn pushes the mind to a state that it can’t look at an opposite gender without having unethical thoughts. Are you an ethical being?

7. Think what you not need to think

It is the nature of human kind that whatever s/he sees that arouses their sexual desires then they tend to fantasize about it and think about it. Think what you not need to think.

8. Actions speaks louder than words

Another most terrifying affect of watching porn is that an addict eventually wants to enact the things s/he  watches. Actions speaks louder than words.

9. Obviously, now you are an addict

Pornographic industry in many ways support the prostitution industry in most of the countries around the globe leaving poor people in miserable lives. Obviously, now you are an addict.

10. You are broke now!

Prostitution industry is a main component of the pornographic industry. Watching online obscene material provide millions and billions of dollars to these two industries and results in sucking the blood out of poor people. You are broke now.

May Allah SWT (God) help and prevent us from watching this haram ills. Ameen!

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